Mr.Hobby HUG108 Justice Pink (Semi-Gloss)

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Produttore: Mr.Hobby
Codice prodotto: GUN-HUG108
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Codice prodottoGUN-HUG108
Peso:0.05 kg
Aggiunto al catalogo:21.11.2022

Based on the water-based hobby color whose performance has been improved with the renewal, Gundam Color will finally appear as a water-based version.

The color is the same as Mr. Color version Gundam color, there is little solvent, and the smell is mild water-based hobby color, so it is ideal for users who paint for the first time.

It can be used for both brush painting and airbrush painting.

* The "Water-based Gundam Color" series of HUG product numbers is based on "Water-based Hobby Color". For dilution, please use water or a special "water-based hobby color sore solution".
* The type of paint is different from the "Gundam Color" series of UG product numbers. Mixing colors is not possible.

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Aggiunto al catalogo: 21.11.2022
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