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Meng Model MTS024 Moisture-Retaining Palette For Acrylic Paints

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Produttore: Meng Model
Codice prodotto: MNG-MTS024
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ProduttoreMeng Model
Codice prodottoMNG-MTS024
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Aggiunto al catalogo:8.4.2021

Moisture-Retaining Palette For Acrylic Paints

Now, more and more modellers are using acrylic paints to paint their models. The acrylic paints have unique advantages, especially in those places that need multiple color mixing and fine painting. But we believe that you have also noticed that the paints often dry up at the critical moment. This is not a pleasant thing when you try to immerse yourself in the joy of model building.

The MTS-024 Moisture-Retaining Palette for Acrylic Paints released by MENG and DSPIAE is a good solution to this problem. This product can keep acrylic/water-based paints moist and ready for use for a long time. So, you don’t have to worry that the paints will dry out. The highly efficient sponge is able to contain a large amount of water and provides sufficient water through the water guiding paper. This will allow the palette to retain moisture very well. The palette paper’s obverse side is covered with a layer of PET protection film. It has gone through special processing for easy use and to be impervious to water. What’s more, this product has a water compartment so you can replenish water easily at any time. MTS-024a Palette Paper Refill Pack for Acrylic Paints will be released at the same time. This product will become a great tool for your painting.

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Aggiunto al catalogo: 8.4.2021
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