AK-Interactive RCS025 WW2 US Navy & USMC Late Aircraft Colors SET

WW2 US Navy & USMC Late Aircraft Colors SET - Image 1
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Codice prodottoAKI-RCS025
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Aggiunto al catalogo:24.1.2019

Il set comprende

RC222 RC222 Insignia White FS 17875 €3.08
RC235 RC235 Intermediate Blue FS 35164 €3.08
RC257 RC257 Sea Blue €3.08
RC258 RC258 Dark Sea Blue €3.08

This set is essential for painting the authentic colors of the US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft from early 1943 until the mid-1950s. Our Real Colors are the highest quality acrylic lacquer paints, made from a chemical formula that is improved over other brands in the market. They spray through an airbrush in a silky smooth manner, and adhere to the surface and dry perfectly with a soft satin finish. These paints work superbly with all kind of weathering or masking products. They may be diluted with AK-Interactive’s specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers that are intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl). They may also be easily mixed with other acrylic lacquer paints. Real Colors accurately reproduce the original colors.

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Aggiunto al catalogo: 24.1.2019
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